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About Us

'Transformation of agriculture, environment and food systems'

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a globally connected state of the art research, education, enterprise and knowledge exchange alliance that addresses grand challenges in agriculture and food security and facilitates a future generation of skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to transform our current food production systems.

Strategic Focus

research, education and enterprise

The Alliance is focused upon three strategic priority areas:

  • Research & Innovation                   
  • Education & Training
  • Enterprise & Engagement

Key initiatives to realise these strategic priority areas include the establishment of a Memorandum of Agreement, Scientific Research Clusters and an overarching Executive Steering Committee.

Queen’s and AFBI will work closely with Government, other research and knowledge providers and industry to ensure that government policy support, research, knowledge and innovation drive improvements in societal health and aid the development of more sustainable and resilient supply chains.      


Alliance Background and NI Agri-Food Landscape