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Environmental Resilience Research Cluster: Environment, Marine and Biodiversity Discussion

This cross-organisational meeting will be held to explore options for collaborations between the Queen's (QUB) and AFBI in the areas of the Environment and Marine.

Farmland by sea
June 23, 2021
Zoom - link will be sent to those who have accepted the Outlook invitation to attend.
10:00 - 13:00

During the webinar participants will be presented with an overview of the Alliance the current expertise and research facilities that exist within both the AFBI Environment & Marine Sciences Division (EMSD) and the QUB School of Biological Sciences (SBS). This will be followed by presentations detailing existing and potential areas of collaboration for further discussion.

The webinar is open to all from across QUB and AFBI who have an interest in collaboration in these area of research and development. The focus will be on collaboration in the area of Circular Bioeconomy, Precision Agriculture; Marine & Coastal Science and Biodiversity however, we welcome your input on other area where QUB and AFBI can combine to deliver excellent science that has impact on society in  the areas of the Environment and Marine Sciences.

Prof Mark Emmerson (QUB) and Dr Donnacha Doody (AFBI)

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Farmland by sea