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Environmental Resource Management Research Facilities

Queen's University Belfast

Core Technology Units

Advanced Informatics CTU

Genomics CTU

Advanced Imaging CTU

Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) Laboratory Capabilities

Advanced Mass Spectrometry (ASSET Lab) 

Biosensor Technologies

Elemental Analysis

Spectroscopic Fingerprinting

Queen's Marine Laboratory (QML)

Marine Laboratory

Areas of research include Sustainable Resources, Evolutionary Ecology and Systematics, and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function.



Environmental Protection 

Environment and Renewable Energy Centre 

Long term effects of nutrient fertilisation on grassland 

Grassland and Plant Science 

Commercial tests 

Fisheries & Aquatic Ecosystems 

Research Vessel Corystes 

Dredge Monitoring 

Fish Disease Unit 

Sustainable Freshwater Fisheries Management 

River Bush Salmon Station